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    Victor Kramer Company Profile

    Victor Kramer Company was founded in 1939 and has a prestigious 76-year history of laundry-linen-drycleaning consulting, laundry engineering design, and facility management experience. Crothall Services Group ("Crothall"), which is owned by Compass Group PLC - a $22 billion Global Service Corporation, acquired Victor Kramer Company ("VKCo") in 2001. 

    VKCo operates as the consulting division of Crothall, and has provided laundry management consulting services to more than 1,000 individual hotels and hotel companies, hospital systems, central and commercial laundries, architects, community rehabilitation facilities, and government and military agencies nationwide and internationally.

    Our parent company, Crothall is the fastest growing laundry company in North America and currently owns and/or operates 60 laundries in North America. These facilities serve several hundred healthcare and hospitality customers while processing over 400 million pounds annually. In addition to providing laundry-linen consulting services to the hospitality and healthcare industries, VKCo provides operational and design engineering services to the Crothall Laundries.

    VKCo has no connection or vested interest in, equipment or products of any kind. Thus, our approach to every assignment is impartial and tailored to our clients' specific requirements and objectives.


    Range of Consulting Services

    • Audit & Review Surveys – Study entire laundry/linen/dry-cleaning operations and recommend improvements;
    • Feasibility Studies – Review practical alternatives for future laundry-linen services and recommend a plan of action;
    • Operational Consulting – Assist in the implementation of a recommended plan of action, and provide on-going support;
    • Planning & Design – Program and design renovation or new construction projects for all types and sizes of facilities;
    • Engineering – Energy/water conservation, reclamation, cost containment; physical plant review; remediation; new technologies;
    • Equipment – Procurement programs, specifications, repair & maintenance, alternate sourcing, systems design, value engineering;
    • Distribution Systems – Recommend delivery vehicles, carts and rolling stock, schedules, driver certifications, etc.;
    • Strategic Planning – Business plans, organization & governance, marketing, corporate strategies, phased growth, development;
    • Training – Policies & procedures, safety, preparedness, productivity standards, methods & procedures, seminars & conferences;
    • Linen Control – Physical linen inventory, linen pars, purchase & issue policies and procedures, loss prevention;
    • Cost Containment – Payroll related, supplies, utility services, linen & uniform replacements, repair & maintenance;
    • Quality Control – Washing chemistry, finishing & packaging, purchase specifications, customer satisfaction, sortation standards;
    • Contracted Management Services – Full service contract management, facility leasing, and other arrangements;
    • Reports and Documentation – All our findings, recommendations and supporting rationale are thoroughly documented.



    • Experience -- Seventy-five years of in-depth practical experience and unparallel results -- no other consulting firm can match our experience, reputation, the qualifications of our professional and technical staffs, or the high degree of customer satisfaction we have earned.  
    • Professionalism – All of our consultants and executives have worked in the laundry industry for over twenty years, some more than thirty-five or even forty, and all have under-graduate degrees.  VKCO consultants have a combined work history in the industry of more than 200 man-years, and their backgrounds are in industrial engineering, business administration, engineering sciences and/or laundry management.  Our consultants are supported by a technical and office staff that includes engineers, draftsmen, statisticians, researchers, report writers, specialists in material handling and machinery systems, washing technology, textiles, sales & marketing, employee safety, training and motivation.  
    • Industry Specialists – VKCo executives and consultants have and continue to specialize only in the laundry industry – we come from the industry as demonstrated leaders in management, operations, ownership, finances, engineering and the like.  Based on our extensive work experience, we have a clear perception of "best practices" across all operational, financial, human resource, logistics, engineering and information technology aspects of the industry.  Our resources and professional careers are all directed towards being the best at one job:  delivering high quality, cost-effective laundry-linen service to our customers.
    • Equipment Knowledge – Our knowledge of laundry equipment systems, energy conservation and recovery systems, materials handling systems, information management systems, and the like, is thorough and always up-to-date.  We work hard to stay abreast of the latest technical advances. We observe their development, prototypes and initial field installations.  Our experts research and evaluate manufacturer claims and we rate equipment capabilities and capacities on the basis of practical accomplishment. Our machinery recommendations are tailored to the client's specific physical and economic circumstances.
    • Statistical Database -- As a result of our vast laundry management and consulting experience, we have developed an extensive "data base" of comparative information on all aspects of laundry costs, supplies and utility utilization, linen prices, productivity, equipment, management information systems, etc.  As a part of our service, VKCo provides our clients access to this information.
    • Documentation – Our reports, memorandum, specifications, programs and other deliverables are thorough, concise and informative because they are reviewed and generally always prepared by our qualified, capable writing staff.


    Consulting Clients

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