• Hospitality Laundry Services

    The goal of our hospitality laundries is to be more than a linen provider and become a true vendor partner.

    • Proven programs to help control overall linen costs, as well as maintain a costly asset.
    • Offer extensive opportunities to partner in controlling linen quality.
    • Manage and maintain laundry equipment with vast resources to achieve the daily facility requirements.
    • We are a full service vendor partner and can handle the linen needs of our client without a need for any laundry outsourcing.  
    • Provide expertise in valet and uniform processing utilizing the Invotech Control System.
    • Provide inventory control solutions, establishing an inventory baseline and monthly physical inventories, in both Valet and Rooms linen to maintain the client's linen asset.
    • Crothall Laundry Services can manage any linen program solutions that you are faced with. We have the experience, knowledge, training, resources and most of all we have the right people to be successful.

    Multi-Level Quality Assurance Programs

    • Periodic laboratory test piece analysis to determine tensile strength loss and whiteness retention.
    • Testing of wash formulas to ensure sanitization and correct pH to preserve linen life
    • Ensure water hardness levels are not interfering with the proper functioning of chemicals in the wash.
    • Periodic inspections of clean linens prior to shipment and an internal pre-shipment reject rate is tracked.
    • Cultures are taken of linen, machinery, and submitted to an independent laboratory for analysis.

    Laundry Technologies

    We use continuous batch Tunnel Washers in most of our facilities for reduced water consumption and:

    • Utilize water heat-sharing systems to reduce energy consumption.
    • Employ innovative water recycling systems that reduce water consumption in half.
    • Monitor utilities and advise client's utility savings.