• Clinic

    Our range of clinic service customers includes hospital off-site locations, outpatient facilities, dialysis centers, doctor's offices, labs, and ambulatory surgery centers. Crothall Laundry Services (CLS) has built upon the decades of healthcare rental background and expanded its service offerings to better serve the customer and meet the ever changing needs of the healthcare environment.  

    Features of the CLS Clinic Services Division include:

    • Aggressive pricing – The CLS mission has always been to provide the highest quality linen at the lowest possible cost, enabling our customers to focus their valuable time and resources on what they do best – providing quality patient care.
    • Quality linen – CLS follows universal precautions in the handling of soiled linen. All linen handling, processing, and the physical layout of our plants conform with OSHA and JCAHO guidelines.  Linen items that do not fall under the inspection guidelines will be credited.
    • Customized solutions to fit the needs of your facility -- Whether you have one provider or many, CLS is dedicated to providing you with the level of service you deserve.

    Standard Clinic Services Program:

    • Orders are placed by a member of your team based upon the needs of your facility.  The order is then emailed/faxed to our service department and delivered by one of our drivers.
    • Linen is delivered bulk in hygienically clean carts with a copy of the delivery receipt attached.  

    Value Added Clinic Services Program:   

    • Route Service Representative (RSR) – A designated RSR will be assigned to service your facility based upon your requirements. The RSR is trained to be the service representative for your facility including, but not limited to, maintaining inventory levels at the most cost effective levels, changing par levels, adding products to existing product line, answering invoice questions, and any other immediate service issues that may arise.
    • Linen is delivered poly-wrapped in bundles to a designated storage area to assist with monitoring actual usage, therefore reducing costs.
    • No shortage guarantee – CLS will service your facility with linen on a clean even exchange.  The inventory levels, developed at the onset of a new facility start up, is brought back up to the weekly par level each time the RSR makes a delivery.  Garments are serviced at a delayed even exchange or soil picked up one week is returned the following week.
    • One-stop service – CLS has an expanded product line including items such as mats, mops and apparel. The goal is to have an array of product offerings to decrease the number of vendors our customers require to completely service their facility.  
    • Flat rate billing – Billing is a flat rental rate based on established weekly linen usage quantities. This allows for easier budgeting and planning of monies spent.

    The full complement of our products and services include: 

    • Flat, fitted and draw sheet                          
    • Bath blanket, thermal blanket (white and sage), baby blanket
    • Bath towel, hand towel, washcloth
    •  Patient, telemetry, x-ray, mammography, 10XL, pediatric gown
    • Cotton blend and liquid resistant lab coat
    • Scrubs                      
    • Pillowcase
    • Incontinent pads      
    • Surgical towel
    • Isolation gown         
    • Warm up jacket
    • Baby diapers
    • Dish towels and aprons
    • Floor mats    
    • Mops – microfiber, wet, dust
    • Rags                         
    • Pillows                     
    • Soiled linen hamper stands and hamper bags

    CLS is committed to working with each of our customers to find the right product line and inventory levels to accurately meet census needs and provide quality service to ensure overall satisfaction.