• Healthcare


    Hospitals and healthcare systems are increasingly looking for ways​ to improve efficiency and reduce costs while improving the overall patient experience. ​Crothall Laundry Services can help your organization drive efficiencies, reduce waste, and incorporate sustainability principles, all while maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety.​​​

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    Crothall Laundry Services focuses on its people, processes, and performance to provide unparalleled operational excellence. We’re committed to:

    • Engaging, empowering and retaining the right people.
    • Implementing processes that allow us to deliver superior service at the lowest cost.
    • Inspiring our teams to achieve maximum performance on a consistent, quantifiable basis.

    Crothall Laundry Services constantly reviews and refines its laundry and linen processes in pursuit of innovations that can impact your bottom line. 

    • Transition planning – Ensures linen program transitions occur seamlessly.
    • Contingency & disaster planning – Guarantees our ability to respond to emergency situations.
    • Linen management – Develops strategies to reduce overall linen usage, loss and costs.
    • Linen distribution service – Enables operational excellence and on-time delivery of quality, clean linen in the right quantities.
    • Technology – Sensible innovation makes us the industry leader in linen processing.
    • Transparent pricing – Takes the guesswork out of laundry budgets.
    • Quality assurance – Involves lab testing, internal process monitoring, tracking, and end-user feedback.
    • Team empowerment – Uses continuous improvement to optimize customer value and plant performance without wasting time or resources​.