• Infection Control


    According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, at any given time, 1 in 20 hospital patients has a healthcare-associated infection (HAI).  These infections alone are responsible for $28 to $33 billion dollars in preventable healthcare costs each year.

    While no hospital or healthcare facility is completely immune from these infections, there are ways to reduce the risk.  Textiles are often the first point of contact for patients and a significant factor in the spread of infections.  For this reason, Crothall's hospital laundry services are designed with patient safety in mind.

    Enhanced Healthcare Laundry with the First EPA- Approved Disinfectant

    As part of our pledge to provide the best products and services in an environmentally responsible fashion, Crothall now utilizes the only EPA-registered laundry disinfectant for our hospital laundry service.  This disinfectant has been shown to kill 99.999% of the top pathogens in hospitals, significantly reducing risk of infection in your facility.  Crothall has testing of all wash formulas in the laundering process that assures consistent delivery of hygienically clean textiles.  While there is no accepted definition of "hygienically clean," it is generally interpreted as meaning that any "bio-burden" has been adequately removed from textiles and they can be used without fear of being a contamination source.

    In addition to utilizing the disinfectant on the patient care linens, we also sanitize the laundry carts and conveyor belts at our laundries, as well as implementing hand sanitizing and truck cleaning programs in order to promote patient safety. 

    Crothall laundries go through a voluntary Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) Accreditation program.  In an era when infection prevention and control is critical, accreditation of the laundry gives hospitals assurance that healthcare textiles are processed in accordance with the industry's highest standards.

    Crothall is dedicated to employee health and safety and provides training on an annual basis for all required standard guidelines outlined by HLAC, Joint Commission and OHSA.  Employee safety training ultimately impacts infection control.

    Crothall laundries receive annual inspections from the hospitals they serve.  Customers are encouraged to visit and inspect the laundry at anytime.  Each laundry follows all state/county regulations regarding linen processing, shipping, and provides "hygienically clean" textiles.