Crothall’s greatest difference is our Delivery Model – Specialization. Laundry does laundry – period. Focused performance within a single skill set makes the Crothall program unique and best in class. We find that specialization drives out waste, delivers effective service, drives productivity, and encourages rich innovations and ideas. We do not ask our leaders to be cross-functional managers nor do we ask them to be managed by those without the laundry skill set. Specialists are never distracted by blended service models.​

    We are the leader in hospital laundry processing for healthcare facilities.  Our 43 facilities, with annual capacities ranging from 300,000 pounds to 44 million pounds, process over 580 million pounds of laundry per year to over 1,600 laundry customers throughout North America.

    We maximize your linen utilization. Our programs reduce your pounds per adjusted patient day through optimized linen utilization. We offer transparent pricing so you always know what you are paying – no hidden surcharges.​​​​

    Crothall Laundry Services constantly reviews and refines its laundry and linen processes in pursuit of innovations that can impact your bottom line.

    • Transition Planning – Ensures linen program transitions occur seamlessly

    • Contingency & Disaster Planning – Guarantees our ability to respond to emergency situations

    • Linen Management – Develops strategies to reduce overall linen usage, loss, and costs

    • Linen Distribution Service – Enables operational excellence and on-time delivery of quality, clean linen in the right quantities

    • Technology – Providing sensible innovation makes us the industry leader in linen processing

    • Transparent Pricing – Takes the guesswork out of laundry budgets

    • Quality Assurance – Involves lab testing, internal process monitoring, tracking, and end-user feedback 

    • Team Empowerment – Uses continuous improvement to optimize customer value and plant performance – without wasting time or resources​